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We are researchers in plant and botany, iboga can be use to overcome addiction in life.Iboga is a God send plant to mankind to help addicts overcomes their addict lifes.
Iboga Root Bark contains Ibogaine, which has been shown to be extremely successful in treating most any alcohol, drug or chemical addiction.
We are suppliers of quality iboga rootbarks from old iboga shrubs of age 6 to 15years of age. We supply in bulk we have researched & designed some new product,and for example:

-Powdered Iboga rootbarks,
-Shredded Iboga rootbarks
and -The natural rootbarks.

Iboga contains Ibogaine, It also contains other psychoactive alkaloids, Ibogamine, Iboxigaine, Gabonine, Iboquine, Kisantine and Ibolutenine
Here is a short list of conditions which can be treated with Iboga; however, due to insufficient evidence the effectiveness of Iboga in treatment of these conditions is still under question:

The Flu
High blood pressure
Nerve Disorder
Low sex drive

The Iboga rootbarks have been welled sunned or dried and packaged in transparent air tight plastic barks and made ready for shipment.
Ibogaine alkaloid is an unlicensed medication which is used successfully in combating drug addictions and is considered to be a very powerful interrupter for opiate and alcohol dependencies. Ibogaine is famous for reducing greatly the withdrawal symptoms

Benefits of Ibogaine treatment,
Dependency breaking Treatment with iboga,
Drug Treatment with iboga,
How to overcome drug addiction by way of Iboga,
Iboga Ceremonies tradition,
Iboga for Spiritual development Spiritual growth,

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we can custom manufacture the chemicals which you need. - We offer discrete and reliable packaging and delivery. - fast and reliable shipping within 48 hours, using courier service, DHL, EMS, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, those are in stock and we only sell items above 99%, if you interest us Cite the best for u. Contact us now for more details. Samples order is available. Any questions or other needs, please text me for more details. If you are interested in, I 'll send you our catalogue and quote you the best rate.
Thanks for your valuable time.

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